Struggling with impatience

I am really struggling with being in the present moment. I have set goals for myself and so far I am pretty good at maintaining a routine and achieving small tasks and small successes every day, but I can’t manage to enjoy the process. I know I shouldn’t think like that and be proud of these small steps, but my mind goes into “it will be better when you are this or that, or once you have achieved this or that”. The present moment is only a time period I have to go through in order to access something else, whether it is achieving something or developing a skill. When doing thoughts downloads on this, I realise that I know in advance that when I will have achieved a goal, I won’t even thank myself or be grateful, but I will go chase the next one. I’ve done models on this thought as well but I can’t manage to find a new thought that I could believe enought to keep me going and make me enjoy the process of growing myself. I can’t seem to acknowledged smalls victories, it has to be life changing or nothing, and it has to be now, or at least I have to see some form of progress or reward along the way so that I can first stay motivated on the long run, and second thank myself for putting in the efforts. How can I address these thoughts and be thankful for what I have done rather than be only focused on what remains to be achieved?