Struggling with monthly dare model.


I’d like some feedback on my self-confidence model. My T doesn’t cause self-confidence, but I really can’t see what could go into the T line right now.

My dare of the day: Buy a domain name for a project.

My thought: I’m not sure it’s a good name. Can it fit in with other future projects associated with this one? I haven’t ever bought a domain name before that has generated any income (so therefore it must be the domain name’s fault :’) ).

Fear model:
C – Buy a domain name.
T – I’m not sure it’s a good name.
F – Undecided.
A – Avoiding it.
R – Delaying the whole project.

Self-confidence model.
C – I don’t have a domain name.
T – I need to get one asap.
F – Self-confident.
A – Deciding to go for it even if it’s not perfect.
R – Buying the domain name.