Struggling with my model

Quick overview: on Wednesday, I went on a first date with a guy. We had a great time it seemed like we were mutually into one another.
The following day, I hadn’t heard from him so in an attempt to do something vulnerable, I reached out and thanked him for the date. There was a back and forth text exchange but nothing major. Since the last exchange, I haven’t heard from him. While it’s possible that I will hear from him, my brain is repetitively telling me “you won’t hear from him” on repeat which has created really anxious and sad feelings as my brain comes up with all the reason why he hasn’t called. I decided to do a model but can’t seem to figure out the T in the new model. When I think about positive writing positive thoughts, I don’t believe them because In my mind I “know” I won’t hear from him and I need to protect myself and not be naive. Hoping you can help as my thoughts are causing immense suffering!!

C – Haven’t heard from S
T – He doesn’t like me
F – Sad / Anxious
A – Obsessive Thoughts, replaying the date to find negative evidence, Asking for reassurance
R – Feeling depressed

C – Haven’t heard from S
T – ???
F – Confident / Content
A – Continue to date / have fun with no pressure
R – Meet my match