Struggling with my Result line

Hi, i’m currently doing my Certification Course and I’m finding I’m struggling tying my Result lines back to the thoughts. (both in my own coaching and in the peer to peer coaching). I know the result should always be a reflection of the thought. Here is a model I was doing tonight after I spoke to my mom who lives in the UK (I live in Sydney). I just thought i’d email this one to you as it’s a good example of one that i’m struggling with.
C my elderly mom told me she is sick and an ambulance is on it’s way to her house to assess her and see if she needs to go to hospital.
T: I don’t want her to die as I can’t get back to the UK at the moment because of pandemic
F: panic
A: Drive myself into a frenzy thinking about it. can’t concentrate on anything else, just feel like crying. Don’t want to go to sleep incase someone call with an update.
R: ??
I’m really struggling with my result line here as nothing seems to tie back to my thought. I want to say in the Result line that I’m not dealing with the situation how I’d like to. I’d like to be stronger and not catastrophize (which I have a habit of doing) but I don’t see how that ties back to my thought. And maybe that result i’m thinking of is actually just another model and should got in my thought line!!
I’d be really grateful for some help with this.
Thank you so much 🙂