Struggling with pressuring myself to finish stuff within a time limit

I’ve had some trouble pressuring myself within the time limit for tasks that I have assigned myself. I’ve lost my period for 5 years due to stress that I’ve previously placed on myself. I’ve since done a lot of work in order to change myself so that I’m not a “walking to do list”. I started the homework but found that it created alot of anxiety in me. The thought behind this is I need to get this done. I have a newborn and found that I went over the task time often and then used other time blocks in order to complete that task. This left me always working on stuff which is the opposite of what I want. I’m looking to create time blocks in my day where I feel relaxed and dont have anything but self care scheduled. The thought I’m trying on is “The pressure is unnecessary, if I dont get this done I will schedule more time for this later.” But now I’m not sure if this is an excuse not to push myself or a legitimate reason to slow down. When I was losing the baby fat all of the mind drama surrounding the weight loss revolved around health and not pushing myself too hard. I realized that this was my mind drama and now I’m not sure what to think.