Struggling with the thought dowload :-/

Hi! I’m sorry to ask something so obvious for a lot of scholars, and I really tried to find my answer on the website, but I still struggle with the thought dowload…
I watched Brooke’s introduction video about it, I listened to podcasts mentioning it, but it seems like I can’t find the key to open this one in my brain. When I take a pen and try to do it, I just freeze. “What should I write? I have so many boring or crazy things in my mind! What’s the point of writing all that crap?! I dont get it, I don’t know where to start, this is ridiculous”, etc etc.
And it’s been 6 months (YAY!) I joined Sholars now and I feel I’m missing something because of this mental block – I’d love to do a TD a day! I KNOW it would help me grow and learn.
So my question is: do you have any tip for me? Maybe a call or a workshop that would help me have a light-bulb moment?
Thank you so much!!! You’re all great <3