Struggling with Urges

I started the Lose 8 Lbs with Scholars. I was doing really well and lost 4 lbs.
I have been good at managing all the food urges I get. I like my protocol; I feel supported nutritionally with my meal planning.

Now I struggle with alcohol urges. It’s weird because I usually don’t drink enough to get drunk. In the morning I am super determined, but by 5 pm I feel a siren song of whatever drink I am craving. I stopped buying sparkling wine, and now I crave that and other not-sweet drinks like seltzer. I can drink spindrift, sparkling water, or other non-alcoholic and low-calorie beverages, but it feels like I am distracting myself from the urges. This week, every night I feel exhausted and emotionally fragile and end up drinking two drinks to buffer.

I know I am resisting the urges until they get to a point I can’t take it and then give in. Can you help me learn to process them? I have an urge jar but not so many pretty rocks are in it yet.