Struggling with Urges

I’m learning the Stop Overeating process and I’m having an issue with urges.  Generally I’m really good at deciding things ahead of time and eating on my plan. However, about once or twice week I’ll have overwhelming urges to eat off plan.  These are usually in response to a work situation which makes me uncomfortable.

An example is today when I tried to wait out the urge and feel the emotion but it came over too strong and I eventually caved.  It’s like a roaring in my head and I feel like I am trying to allow these urges but after 20 minutes trying to sit with it and allow it, the discomfort got too strong and I had to eat or else I felt I couldn’t do my work in the office.  Like I physically couldn’t do work until I gave into the toddler in my head and ate some popcorn.

I’m trying to treat myself with compassion but I’m worried about how strong these feel at the time, and if they continue to derail me.  Please can you tell me if these urges get less and less as time goes by?  Also, do you think I haven’t allowed the emotion properly?  Just want some pointers on what I might do differently next time.  Thank you!