Stuck on 25 actions for Q1

Hi Brooke,

I know, I know, saying “I don’t know” is a form of buffering but I am really stuck on the 25 actions I need to take to go for my impossible goal in the homework. I have come up with 4, and I’m not sure I’m even phrasing those correctly.

Here’s the rest of my homework so far, would love your feedback on how I’m going with this.

My impossible goal: Make $1million in 2018 by midnight December 31, 2018. I’ll know this by examining the YTD accounting report in XERO.

All the reasons it’s impossible… (gosh my brain went crazy here):

I’ve never made anything near that amount before.
I don’t get enough inquiries to generate that income.
I would never sleep if I was to work hard to earn that amount.
I have never finished my course.
I don’t have the business skills or self-promotional skills to get there.
My other interests will compete for my time, along with my responsibilities and relationships.
I don’t know people who make this much.
I’m not well-known enough.
I don’t live near my clients.
I don’t have the ‘platform’ to reach that number of people.
Advertising won’t work and will be a waste of money.
I will get nowhere near this amount and beat myself up over it.
Stephen will complain.
Dianna won’t want to do this much work either.
I won’t have any chance to enjoy life e.g. going to Hawaii.
People will judge me for making money a goal and I’ll feel embarrassed about wanting to do it.
I will blame tiredness and watch TV or go on my phone instead of working.
I’m nowhere near that goal.
I don’t promote/market myself well and don’t know where to try.
I should have made it by now if I was going to – e.g. look at Darren and Chris who rose to stardom and major income much more quickly!
People in my town see me as a stay at home mum.
I see my achievements all in terms of what I didn’t do, vs what I did do.
My kids should come first, I won’t be able to be a good mum if I am earning that.
It won’t come easily and I will be very stressed out and not enjoy life.
Advertising will lose me money vs gain me money.
I won’t get half that amount and feel an utter failure not ‘passing’
I will be worried constantly about finances.
I will feel guilty charging more money.
I will lose business by charging more and it will backfire.

he qualities that people making this sort of income probably have which I need to develop are:

Strategic planning
Bigger thinking
More connected

People like this also think differently to me, in a sense that they believe:

Advertising works incredibly well
Leads/work are plentiful
Charging your worth is not a struggle
Confident their plans will work
They know they are successful

They probably:

Charge more than me
Have products for sale and recurring income
Market themselves more and effectively
Take risks/experiment more

Strategies to overcome the reasons my brain says it’s impossible:

Advertise, regularly email newsletter to get more inquiries – be consistent/patient/experiment
I can block off time and finish my course, instead of feeling bad I haven’t done it
I can be much more efficient and streamlined system in my web design projects, using templates and a clear process so that I’m not working all hours or getting stressed
I will not waste time on TV/phone when I need a break, I will sleep/be with my family
I will celebrate my achievements along the way to getting my goal
I will be comfortable charging more and being OK with not being the cheapest option


1. Finish course and announce it my list
2. Get 100 people interested in my course via a Facebook ad
3. Run a webinar about my course
4. Run an ad campaign on Google for my niche of web design clients

Thank you!