Just starting and having trouble with my brain wanting to change EVERYTHING at once. I want to feel organized and in control. I very much dislike my government job and want to find a way to make myself happy in it before I make a decision to leave it. I would like to keep the promises I make to myself regarding keeping a schedule that I make for myself (I never follow through) and I would like to buffer less (over drinking and my phone are my biggest distractions). I would like to clean up my mind and environment (I want to make my house look beautiful but don’t know where to start). I would like to stop yelling at my kids and lead by example for them. I’m also trying to love myself more- struggle with feeling unworthy because I don’t feel like I have my act together. I also struggle with decision fatigue and cognitive dissonance and would like to get that under control. I love all of the information but feel overwhelmed and want to pick something to take action on instead of just consuming all of the information as a way of buffering which I’m prone to doing. I feel like I need a major direction on where I should start. I feel like such a hot mess but I know that’s a thought that I would like to change. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.