Stuck at 173 for a month.

I lost 12 pounds in my first 6 weeks on this protocol and thought it would continue. I’m 5’7″ and I’ve now been stuck at 173 for the past month, using the same protocol (4 oz protein, 8 oz veg, 2 oz fat at noon and 7p). I know I need to change it, but I’m not sure what to tinker with. I have full fat cream in my coffee each morning and a few times during the day. For meals, I’ve increased my veggies to 9 oz and decreased my protein to 3 oz because the 4 oz just made me too full. I’ve also pushed back lunch to 2pm to shrink my window, and sometimes I skip dinner altogether if it’s already 7pm. I’m eating less overall. I’m not really hungry and my urges have delightfully plummeted. I’m feeling my feelings more and more, but what’s taking over are my thoughts about how unfair it is that I eat so well and still am not losing weight. Also at play is my “rushing” to lose weight and not being in the moment and resisting reality. I’m working staying present and allowing my current pace. But still.. do you have any tactical advice for how to tweak my protocol?