Stuck and confused but also excited!

Hi Brooke –

I’m stuck and confused but also excited – all at the same time!

I had originally signed up for your Life Coaching School (starting next week) but had to withdraw (the date change conflicted with a colleague’s wedding – which totally bummed me out).

Having worked with my own life coaches over the years – I have finally had the courage to step up and say “This is what I am meant to do – it makes my heart full!” I have been a professional fundraiser for over 20 years and just recently resigned, knowing it was time to make the change (hence your September course would have been perfect timing!).

I am however, more than impatient, and waiting until your coaching course next September seems like an eternity to me – so I have been investigating alternative Life Coach certification options, one of them being Martha Beck’s.
My first coach (over 12 years ago) was certified by Martha Beck (the first in Canada) – so I thought that was a good place to start. So I had to chuckle when I heard your podcast “Being Coached” this morning …”WOO WOO” is exactly how I described her to my husband the other day – she didn’t use be.

So, I have continued to search and found a local program through Royal Roads University that offers the Executive Coaching Certificate. My current coach just graduated with from it and I have had great success with her.

They have a Community program I can take in September and then enrol for the Executive Coaching program for January.

Here is where I am stuck – I feel your program is the real deal…it resinates with me 1000% and I am not as excited about the other options!

Understanding that I can’t do your coaching course this year, I have signed up for your monthly Scholars program (which I am SO excited for) and have convinced myself the other programs are complementary and will get me going on my journey of becoming a coach.

This is where I get confused –

I struggle with waiting until next September for your coaching program – so have resorted to doing both the Royal Roads and your scholars at the same time, but I worried I am “settling” and just taking this other course because of timing NOT because it resinates with me. When I read/hear your work – it goes right to my heart. But to be honest, if I just wait and do yours next September, I am also concerned about the “certification” criteria, and that if I don’t have it locally, it might not provide me the credentials required to hang my shingle or get into organizations and do Lunch and Learns.

I’m not sure how I expect you to reply- I can’t imagine you have any answers for me (unless a last minute spot has opened for next week and I could convince myself to forgo the wedding – which at this point would be a possibility!). I guess I just need to share with you the circumstances of where I am at as one of your new Scholars.

You are SO incredibly gifted and I am so thankful you have chosen to share your gifts with all of us!

Warmest regards –

Laurie Shopland
Langley, BC