Stuck in a rut of dislike towards an employee

Hi there,
Last year, we hired an au pair to help us with our two small children (2 and 4). We have had other au pairs before, but this one rubs me the wrong way. I have a strong dislike for her and don’t like having her in my home. She can be overly stern with my kids and often isn’t very sweet with them, although she can be sweet and sometimes buys them little gifts. I want her to be kind to them all the time and expected that she would know how to do that because she was trained to be an early childhood education teacher (the main reason we hired her). Another thing that bothers me is that she is obsessed with money and is always talking about elaborate gifts that other host families give to their au pairs, such as trips to Disney World, etc. I really want her out of my house, but we are moving in a few months and we need help at home as we prepare for the move. I also don’t want to bring in a new au pair for just a few months because it takes the kids some time to transition to a new person in the house.
Here are my current models:
C: Au pair yells at the boys or frequently reprimands them
T: It was a mistake to hire her because she lacks common sense and is too stern with the boys
F: Anger and regret
A: I debate asking her to leave
R: Frustration builds because I realize we’ll need her help

C: Au pair tells me that other host families provide elaborate trips for au pairs or buy new cars for them to use, or have tons of money
T: She doesn’t appreciate what we provide and we don’t have as much money as other host families
F: Inadequate, scarcity
A: I debate asking her to leave
R: I feel stuck because we need her help.
Thank you in advance!