Stuck in mindless eating

Hi team!

I’m doing an amazing job at fasting and only eating when I’m hungry. I decide in advance what I’ll eat and if I’m mindful, I can stop and do a model and make an intentional choice about eating. But when I break a fast, I tend to just go mindless and all of a sudden, I’ve eaten more than I planned. It’s like highway hypnosis! Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I could swear there are no thoughts going through my head, it’s just muscle memory or instinct or something.

C: ate more than planned
T: I have no clue how that happened!
F: helplessness, victim-y
A: don’t take responsibility
R: never learn how it happened and how to avoid

So my new model is…
C: ate more than planned
T: Hmm, I wonder why I did that.
F: curious
A: think about it on my own, write into ask Brooke
R: (hopefully) learn why I did it and cut it down in the future.

But as I’m in this curiosity, I’m not coming up with why it’s happening. It seems like it’s just an ingrained habit, but how do I choose to be mindful…when I’m not aware enough to choose to be mindful?!