Stuck in my head over models

A few times lately I have gotten stuck with unintentional models and it seems silly. I get stuck thinking “this isn’t right because the result does not prove my thought”–does this mean I have not gone deep enough with my T line?
Last night, I ate ice cream after dinner. I am not working on my eating/weight at this time. I am trying to constrain to working Monday Hour One as my first focus with SCS… but all things are related. This is only to say, I am not planning my food ahead of time, but I generally do not eat dessert.
Here’s the scenario (I am coming back to write in parentheses, as I am writing, evident there are so many choices I made along the way to ice cream) I will get to my c-line in a second…. late work day, plenty of things I feel I am leaving undone at the end of the day, but exhausted and came upstairs. No family plan for dinner, husband makes Costco ravioli for kids dinner. husband and I eat tortilla chips with guacamole and hummus for dinner. (this is where I added parentheses above)–I went to put the ravioli pot in the sink to wash and saw that there was extra that my husband had intended for the two of us to eat. I ate 3 – even though I had already completed my meal and do not like the tomato sauce that was on it. Sat down for a while with my daughter, got back up to “find something sweet” though I was already over full from dinner and the extra ravioli. Put about 3 tablespoons of ice cream in a mug with cold coffee and enjoyed having my cold affogato while I sat back down with my daughter. As the evening continued, I had a headache (present all day from the morning) and became bloated and uncomfortable (from my choices and food combos) to the extent that I got up to take a naproxen and an enzyme supplement. Wow! It is such a different story than what was in my head when I put it in black and white! My thought download this AM was not about this–but I “tagged-on” a quick model to the end of my time and got stuck… it is becoming more clear as I type.

Here was the unintentional model I was coming to this post with:
C: I ate ice cream after dinner
T: I want it / I want something sweet
F: desire
A: ate the ice cream
R: physical discomfort/bloating

Do the R and T seem unrelated because it is not the right T?
As I am writing it seems I could do models on — the choice (that I was comfortable with) to have chips and guac for dinner.—the choice to eat the ravioli when I did not want it and was already full– and then the ice cream.

New UM:
C: I ate 3 ravioli with safeway tomato sauce
(thoughts that went through my head– Oh! I can’t wash this, there is still food here. I don’t like this tomato sauce. I already ate “dinner”. Asked husband “did you make more than the kids wanted on purpose for us?–answers “yes, have some”. Three is a reasonable amount. They are already made (serve myself and eat 3 ravioli).
T: These will “go to waste”, they will not save well
F: resignation
A: eat the 3 ravioli
R: Physically feel terrible, ** they went to waste!!** and caused harm — (they would have gone to waste and not caused harm if they went in the trash!)

Intention model
C: Food is prepared that I did not plan to eat.
T: My body/my health is not a waste bin
F: certain/empowered/self-respecting
A: store food for someone else to eat or throw it in the trash or leave it there//don’t eat it
R: Stay on track with taking care of my health.

This was meant to be a quick/small question but ended up being my new thought download and model for the day. Any feedback welcome. I think I see my own answer — if the T and R don’t match, go back to the drawing board. Either I have the wrong thought or maybe need to run the model on a different C line first.
Please let me know if I am on the right track or if there was a different way to approach this. Thanks!!