Stuck in the past?

My family had a challenging time financially when I was growing up and we could not afford to buy new clothes often. I would get a new piece of clothes for only very big, special, and important occasions – maybe 3-4 times a year. So, I had to be extremely careful about how I wore and took care of my clothes. That is why I would wear only old clothes around the house until I would grow out of it.
My financial situation is different now, but I am still doing the same. I feel like it’s a waste to wear new clothes around the house when nobody sees me. So, I wear only old clothes. I also don’t buy new clothes often because I feel like it’s a waste of money. I think that I am being too strict and too disrespectful to myself when wearing old clothes when alone? I want to have a rich life and manifest NOW who I want to become – someone who is not cheap but wears beautiful new clothes all the time and feel good about it. I feel guilty when I do it. I also don’t want to have a consumer mindset – I feel like I am wearing off new clothes and when it gets old, I have to throw it away and pollute the planet. I seem to struggle to find balance.