Stuck on a person

I had the wonderful experience of meeting someone special in January at a work event. They live in a different city, 20 hours of driving away. We spoke consistently every day for months… until we agreed to meet up despite COVID and Outside of work travel. Then he went radio silent for two weeks. That’s when my dear friend introduced me to the Model. I have many notebooks full of working through my thinking on this. Most recently we stopped interacting for a month. Each day was a struggle for me, but I was committed to focusing on myself and my community. We started communicating again and I just adore this person, even though it doesn’t make geographic sense. I want to talk to them about everything. I keep trying to ladder out of this situation by setting up models that revolve around be interested in someone who is not emotionally available. And acknowledge that this is my pattern. But it’s not working. I have so many urges to talk to him and want to see him in person. In one on one coaching, the coach suggested maybe this is exactly what is supposed to be happening, but I thought the power of the model was to produce results we wanted by changing our thoughts. So I either want this person to be ready to see me despite COVID or be able to release them from my thoughts and feelings. I have three notebooks full of models and nothing is giving here. Help.