Stuck on First Thought Download + Model Work

Hi Self Coaching Scholars team,

My first day doesn’t officially start until December, but I’ve been doing my homework reading through the materials and did my first thought download this morning! I ended up randomly writing about something from my past, and I’m struggling to complete the model and turn it around on this one. Here’s a glimpse:

“Last night I was haunted by some memories with [an old friend from middle school]—maybe because we just recently reconnected. I remembered crashing at her home every evening after school, having a bagel (or two), and a few glasses of Ovaltine with milk. Now that I’m older, I know that [that friend’s] mom was a single mother taking care of her daughter without child support, I feel guilty and selfish. Like I should have known better. Like I should have brought over a bag of groceries and cooked a meal to show her how much I appreciated her generosity (I’m big into showing my love with dinner parties these days…not so much in middle school haha). These used to be some of my happiest memories of an otherwise bleak middle school experience, and now I’m haunted by my lack of understanding and selfishness.”

C: Haunted by old thoughts surrounding generosity
T: I should have known better than to have a snack every day after school
F: Unaware, Selfish, Greedy
A: …
R: …

I would very much appreciate your guidance on how to complete this model, and how to turn it around. Thank you!