Stuck on making food frustration model

I got frustrated and angry with my family today while I was trying to make food. My husband was in the kitchen doing… I don’t know what, my daughter was making orange juice and I had to take my food off the burner and use a small space of the counter, I asked if at least one of them would please leave for 3 minutes while I finished serving myself and they didn’t. I kept trying to make my lunch anyway, then I went to open the freezer and a bucket of my kids toys fell off that my husband had put up there and I got very reactionary and started yelling about my space and respecting my need to eat too and I identified that the thoughts I was having were “there’s not enough space for me to eat!”

The model I did was this:

C: making food
T: there’s never any space for me to eat
F: Frustrated
A: Yell at everyone
R: have to leave room to compose myself, don’t eat.

I’d like to feel happy and grateful to eat and think “there’s plenty of room for me” but I don’t believe it. Maybe I need a bridge thought here, or a bridge feeling?

C: Making food
F: Happy and grateful
A: Peacefully make food.
R: Eat well.