Stuck on my model

I have a situation that I’d like to self coach on, but I’m getting stuck on my model.

C: Going to the beach with girlfriends next Monday.
T: They’re going to talk about politics.
F: Dread
A: Think about all of the times they’ve talked about politics on this trip in the past (this will be like our 15th trip), imagine how they will talk about politics this time, wish that they wouldn’t, remember how much it has bothered me before, not look forward to the trip like I would like to, become irritated with my friends without even being in their presence yet
R: They may or may not talk about politics at the beach [brain says: of course they will!] and I’m already pissed about it and we haven’t even gotten there yet.

I think I’m getting stuck on the R. It doesn’t feel like it’s informative, but maybe it just reflects the T? Also, I’m not sure if this is a good C for this T. Something specific might be better but I don’t remember anything specific?

What would you suggest for me to work on this issue?

Many thanks.