stuck on strategies for massive action


I’m still doing the work on my impossible goal for the year which is “to be the breakout star in an acclaimed feature film that tours top festivals”. However I’m really struggling with coming up with enough massive actions for the year. Is it possible to just go quarter by quarter (ie: I make a list of 25, then in 3 months, I make another list of 25) — why does Brooke suggest to come up with all 100 at once?

Also, can you please clarify the difference between a result-action, and an activity? From what I understand, the result action is an action that directly moves you towards your impossible goal (for me it would be something like — auditioning for a feature film), but I find that my brainstorm leads to a lot more activities (such as: updating my reel) — any thoughts on how to make the actions more results oriented? Feeling a bit stuck.