Stuck on program for my target market

Hi Brooke,
I’m working with a LCS coach on my niche and came up with: I help people who have had controlling parents and, in their mid-life, wants more fulfillment. This can be in finding a more suitable career or partner. As I was thinking about the program I can create, it occurred to me that if I use the Model to coach my clients, it really would be to help them manage their minds so they can be happy with the situation they are in rather than helping them create a life they really love living. In other words, changing them from the inside, rather than helping them change their circumstance. I guess my point is that I’m not too practiced in the Model myself to really feel comfortable coaching someone this. I had done training in another school where I can help my clients get in touch with their intuition and soul’s yearning to help guide them to a fulfilling life. I feel the Model somewhat contradicts this method. Would really love your thoughts and guidance on this. Thanks!