Stuck since 2016!

I’ve been stuck on an issue since 2016….politics. I have the hardest time accepting people who have different views than me on something i feel so strongly about. I can’t understand how people i love and have wonderful relationships with (my husband and mother law) support someone i think is a misogynist, racist, etc etc. My MIL and her friends post the most hurtful things on fb about the group I identify with (liberals). I have done models, and intellectually i understand that people view things differently, that people are allowed to think what they want to think, that their truth is as right as my truth and so on. It doesn’t seem to settle my emotions. I can’t figure out how i WANT to feel for an intentional model (unaffected, unbothered??) especially when my mother in law, whom i love dearly except for her political stance, posts these horrible things that personally offend me. It seems disingenuous to want to feel unaffected, but feeling affected causes me stress and anger towards her and then I pull back from our relationship (without ever mentioning why) and I can see that’s not serving me either. I can share all this with my husband, but not my mother in law, because she’s as sensitive as me and takes it personally and nothing seems to get accomplished but feelings getting hurt. I’m stuck on this loop, and everything some major issue happens in the news it all rears it’s head again. Thank you for your help!!!!