Stuck. . . .on something weird

Hi Brooke,

Thanks to you and SCS I am feeling so great and confident I am determined to get a book I’ve written on Amazon in June.I was using fear of not knowing how to do the tech stuff stop me. But I know I can figure it out! The crazy thing I am stuck on is my web presence. I’ve been blogging since 2007 under different URLs. My book is called Becoming Zia and is a memoir about a two week period in my life that came with a new name – Zia Poe. I am thinking of using the new name as my website, but it’s not my “real/legal” name. Partly I would like to legally change it, but the issues around that are so great because of financial, military and insurance stuff. It seems so big. Meanwhile I want to get this book out – and I need a website or at least a landing page to market it. Any ideas? I am feeling stuck and paralyzed. This is a decision that will be the beginning of my writers platform and I want to do it right from the beginning. Also I have several other books started and not finished yet, that I will want to be part of the platform. I know I am making this complicated! HELP!!!