Stuck w thoughts around alcohol

I’ve been able to identify some key thoughts that come up for me around alcohol that I can’t seem to reason with.

-I’m on my period and just miserable so I deserve this drink
-Alcohol will help me take the edge off
-I want to treat myself; I can have this glass of wine because at least its not chocolate.

The problem is, all of these reasons are true for me and I don’t see anything wrong with them. I can’t get my brain to believe these aren’t true.
The reason I see this as a problem is because my impossible goal for the year is to lose my desire to drink and change my relationship with alcohol.

C- on period
T- I am so miserable right now in all the ways and alcohol will definitely take this edge off
F- relief at the thought that I will have a drink as soon as I’m done work
A- drink alcohol
R- Go off protocol, reinforce to my brain that alcohol makes me feel better, don’t honor my commitment to myself, feel relief and satisfied from my drink

Where do I go from here?