Stuck with a thought

My kids’ school district will be conducting the first five weeks of school remotely from 9a-2:30p. I work remotely from 8a-4:30p. I have 5 kids. After doing like 500 thought downloads about this, I continue to have the thought “This is bullshit.” I have noticed the thought when it happens, saying to myself that’s just a thought, it’s not a problem, your brain is telling you. But this thought is persisting.
So I asked myself, what are you getting out of this thought? My answer is righteousness. I’m not sure where to go from here. I feel stuck with this thought.

C – Kids will school remotely from home the first five weeks of the school year
T – This is bullshit
F – Righteousness
A – spinning with this thought, don’t show up the way I want to as a mom, don’t come up with practical solutions to make this work, model emotional immaturity to my kids
R – If this attitude persists, I will have 5 weeks of total bullshit.