Stuck with My Model

This morning I had a meeting at a friends office to help him with some of his HR issues at his company. While sitting there, I began to feel anxious (which I have not felt in a long time). I used to suffer deeply with anxiety and spent a lot of time, money and medication to get better. I’ve been doing very well and enjoying my life. This episode really bothered me as I’ve done quite a bit of thought work and I know what to say to myself to move on from the feeling. Instead I became increasingly anxious and then had to go to the bathroom numerous times interrupting our meeting and feeling embarrassed that I was not focused.

I came directly home and did a couple models, however there is one “intentional model” that I cannot seem to complete. I have attached the Unintentional Model below:

C – Anxiety Attack at Meeting this Morning
T – I cannot believe this happened, I know how to manage this
F – Anxious
A – Wallow in the thought and buffer with facebook, work and food
R – I continue feeling residual Anxiety all Day

Intentional Model:

C – Anxiety Attack at meeting this morning
T –
F- Anxious

I get stuck here as I’m uncertain about my thought moving forward. Should I put something like, Those feelings will come and go and it’s ok to let you body experience it?

Thank you for your help!