Student Coaching Goal – 1/2 way point

My goal for this month was to conduct 30 coaching calls and get certified as a coach. Here’s my mid-month check-in…

Certification – DONE: Passed life and weight coaching exams. NEEDED: audio, video submissions
Coaching – DONE: I coached 9 test clients this week. NEEDED: 21 more sessions. I had one no show this week, so I added another client to next week’s roster to make my goal inevitable.

I’m so glad I set this goal because it’s been an intense learning experience this week and I wanted to quit so many times. My brain REALLY doesn’t like this new career path.

New thoughts –
– I used to quit on myself, but I don’t do that anymore.
– I used to try to do everything alone, but now I ask for help.
– I am a student coach, everything that happened this week happened for me so I can learn.

On to the the second part of the month! Xo Lynn

P.s. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to coached by newbie students via Brooke’s request on Friday Coach Like – much appreciated!!