“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” I cannot tell you how much this resonates with me right now and I haven’t even officially begun until September 1st!! I am SOOOOOOOO READY and yet I am also scared at the same time. I have always been the one questioning where the mind is during ANY weight loss protocol. I am 58 years old and trust me, I have tried them all as well as therapy, outpatient treatments and even hypnotherapy.

I really need some assurance right now. I have been told by several coaches that I probably have BED. While I certainly don’t want to minimize anything, I think it is more overeating. Semantics aside, I use food to deal with stress and numb out. They counsel that restriction is the worst thing anyone can do to deal with binge eating. Everything is “legal” and okay to eat. I am not comfortable with that because while I would like to “legalize” all food, having my weight (and now my health because I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and headed for diabetes) constantly go up and “normalize” somewhere is very depressing.

While I certainly do NOT mean to cast aspersions on anyone’s else’s method of healing, this does not seem to be the right path for me. OA was not the right path for me either because it never felt right in my gut and soul to say I was “powerless over food.” As a matter of fact, I feel just the opposite, the God in me is VERY POWERFUL and this overeating can be overcome.

Long and short, I need some assurance so I can set myself up for success. Before I commit my heart and soul AGAIN into another fat loss protocol, (although this seems way more on target than anything else I have ever embarked upon) if I promise to do the heavy lifting (i.e. homework and other work required) will I be successful? IS CHOOSING TO GO OFF SUGAR AND FLOUR GOING TO SEND ME BACK INTO BINGING/OVEREATING as others have suggested or is this FINALLY the answer??????