Study material for seeing yourself through other people’s eyes?

In my weekly private coaching session today my coach brought up the concept of how we imagine ourselves through someone else’s eyes. I had an epiphany that whenever I become overly attached to someone in my life, it’s because I’m actually overly attached to how I think they see me. For example, I like how they see me (as imagined by me) better than how I see myself. But ironically, it’s me imagining how they see me anyway! So I think if I could get a hold of that and own it,  if I could decide to see myself that way, I would feel a lot less clingy and needy and a lot more peaceful in my own life. I really want to do some work on this and I know I can work on it myself, but I wondered if Brooke has any study vault materials or specific podcasts that deal with this exact topic? I’ve been looking around but not finding this exact thing yet…thank you!