Study protocol

I have a goal to complete a unit of study by December 1st, 2021. I am a Diamond Scholars member and have used the model to stop over drinking and lose 25kgs. I am using the techniques I learned through stop over eating as a path to my new goal.

I am asking for help with powerful questions to ask myself and also some model feedback.


C – Study protocol made 24 hours in advance.
T –
F- Resistance/Restricted
A- I changed the plan venue to study from the library to home. I agreed to do another piece of work for my business in the time allocated for study. I called my husband to talk about something that at the time I told myself was critical (and wasn’t). I made a cup of tea and had something to eat in the allocated study time slot. I looked at the first question and decided I didn’t really understand it and emailed the tutor for help. I did not consider tackling another question while waiting for the tutor to respond.
R – I did not honor my own study protocol.

The recurrent thoughts for me around this study are:
I am too tired
It’s too hard
I will do it later

Thank you in advance for any offerings.