Study Vault: Where to Start?

I’ve been following along with the private podcasts and last month’s 8 lbs down in June, but I would like a little more direction on the best place to begin in the study vault for ME.

I think I need to dig into some self-confidence and trusting myself. I’d like to feel more confident in my body and for my results to align with the actions I’m taking (I realize I have to focus on the THOUGHTS to reach my goals).

I’m not overweight, and I don’t binge or over-eat. In fact, I go more the other way, and control and restrict my nutrition. I am very disciplined with what I eat and often deprive myself. For the last 4 months I’ve been very focussed on what I’m eating in order to fit more comfortably my clothes. I weigh myself every day and I’ve been learning to manage all the big thoughts and triggers that come with that and I’ve seen progress in my mindset around that. I want to FEEL, confident, sexy, strong and healthy – but right now my thoughts aren’t getting me there yet. I’ve got to practice believing that it’s possible that I can be in the best shape of my life at 41 and with hypothyroidism.

Where is the best place in the study vault to start given this information?