Stupid People at Work

I am so impatient and get furious with people for their lack of common sense, or lack of knowledge about their job that they should know such as copy me back on an email that directly affects me or get the full name of the client when they call.

In my biz I am on commission and have to rely on other areas of our company to refer clients to me. They are often not good quality or repeats of prior clients I spoke with a few times before but who never buy. I can pick apart the referral as soon as it comes in and get mad.

My only thought is that people are stupid, there is no communication, they have no basic professional etiquette w/the emails & phone messages.

I try to tell myself, they’re doing their best, but if that’s their best, how are they getting away with it? I tell my supervisor and she doesn’t do anything about it. I can’t come up with new thoughts that are believable to calm me down and not get upset in the first place. Ideas please.