stupid question :)

So, Brooke said during a class that there are stupid questions AND we get to ask them anyway.
So here it is.
I get some rejection and opposition (sometimes pretty intense) with the free content on my website. It’s all about plant based nutrition and it’s an emotional subject for a lot of people.
Some of those people really need to come and tell me I am wrong (even though I know I am legitimate in giving these info, I am an MD specialised in Plant based nutrition and I am keeping up with the research about evidence based nutrition, pretty much everyday).
When I first read the comment, I always get upset (heart beating, cheeks get warm, tight feeling in my chest), then I work on my feelings, I allow for everyone to have their own opinion (even though I don’t understand why they would spend so much time telling me I am wrong on my website), and then… I am not sure what to do.
Sometimes I reply to the comment when I think my readers could benefit from my explanation, but sometimes, I just want to insult the person and tell them they’re stupid… then I remember that they think I’m stupid, so we’re in a stupid circle and it doesn’t help.
And I wonder if just ignoring the comments is productive for me? I feel that if I ignore it, it’s like ignoring the mess in the basement. I have been coached on this a few times, but the coach I talk to is always trying to get me to find my own answer, and I need some inspiration, maybe about how others deal with rejection and trolls online.
I understand not everybody is going to love me, but it hurts to get hate. And I am really looking for a way to deal with it elegantly and gracefully.
I understand I have to find my own way to let this go so it doesn’t upset me so much, but I need inspiration.

Merci Beaucoup 🙂

P.s. I would really really really love a podcast about that subject. I sometimes feel I am the only one to get rejection and hate online, and knowing that I am not, and hearing about different ways to deal with it would be so helpful.