Subject is Love and the question "How can I love you more"

Brooke’s teaching on love is that it is how we feel that makes us feel love, not what the other person does. Help me understand if a person asks me that question and I say something as simple as wash the dishes for me and they don’t want to do that then….it’s about what I think about that. And, if the person answers my question “how can I love you more”… lets say simply cooking a meal they love, then I love them more because I did something that made them “feel” loved. Yes?

This is a hard concept for me to wrap my head around. Simple terms, if I receive flowers it’s about them showing me how much they love me but it’s up to me to “feel” that love. I get that but when expecting another person to fulfill that request to show me how much they love me, it still up to me to accept it. So, guess I’m asking what’s the point. It’s always how we accept the emotion.