I have been subpoenaed to testify in a trial. My involvement in the case is very peripheral, but my brain is having a field day. I have had to do something similar to this in the past, and I felt attacked by one of the attorneys. Now I am anxious and upset about having to do it again. Thoughts about not being good enough, saying the wrong thing, getting someone in trouble, being made to look stupid, etc. I can see that none of these are producing desirable results for me. I have tried other thoughts like “it’s not about me” and “everyone is just doing their job, just like I am doing mine”, but I don’t think I believe them, because they are not helping me feel better. I have tried being curious about how someone else who wasn’t nervous or upset would approach it, but still feel stuck. C: testifying T: I’m going to look stupid F: fear A: worry and obsess about the trial R: I am upset and feel stupid for worrying about it so much. Suggestions on where to go from here?