Subtle Beliefs

I’ve had the thought “I’m fat” for 23 years. It’s the first thing I think when I wake up and it quietly pops through my mind all throughout the day. I don’t really believe it anymore, I know it’s not serving me and I’ve done so many models on it.

I think I’m ready for it to be gone. I think I must not believe the thought is neutral.

C Thought “I’m fat”
T I just can’t do it or I’ve screwed up
F failure
A thinking about my jiggly stomach and arms, regret anything I ate yesterday or days before, think about and go do my workouts and think about adding more, think “I’ll only eat xyz today”, compare myself to Instagram Moms and how they are “better” than me
R ? Keep reinforcing the belief I’m fat


C Thought “I’m fat”
T I get to choose what I believe
F Empowered
A don’t give the thought any of my mental space, thank you but no, think ahead about my day and what I want to do, feel energized and excited for our plans, continue on with my workouts and eating to fuel and take the best care of me, actions coming from love of wanting to feel my best and take the best care of me.
R Decide what I want to believe and move on