Success comes from my thoughts

Hello! I’m noticing that I often assume other people think that I don’t deserve the success I have and the money I make. Personally, I think I deserve it because I have worked very hard, but I assume other people don’t know that and think I’m too young and artistic to be this successful. (I want to believe that success comes from my thinking, though I am currently believing that success comes from actions and working hard.)

C: success
T: I shouldn’t have success doing what I love, something so fun
F: embarrassed
A: minimize my success, laugh it off, hide it, not talk about it, maybe even try to get rid of it
R: I don’t get to experience the joys of success and how fun it is

Why does my brain choose to think that?
Because in the past I have been mad at and jealous of people who have what looks like easy or fun success.
Does this thought take me where I want to go? No.

C: success
T: success comes from our actions, which are informed by our thoughts and feelings
F: Empowered
A: take action, not worry what other people are thinking, celebrate others for their success
R: I create my own success

I’m not putting “success comes from our thoughts“ in the above intentional model, because I don’t understand or believe that yet. My ladder thought for now is that “success comes from our actions“, because otherwise I tend to think “success comes from luck“.

Can you give me some direction? Thanks!