Success when working for an audience vs a boss (or both)

Hi Brooke-

I’ve had a question brewing for awhile and I’m not sure how best to put it. For those of us who are writers, we are often working for a boss (a publishing company, a production company or even representatives like managers and agents) as well as trying to connect with an audience.

I’ve noticed your suggestions for working for a boss are to do everything you can to exceed their expectations and to please them. Your suggestions to those who work for an audience/clients/people who will pay for your content (as a life coach, for example) are to add more value than clients expect.

If I want to make money writing screenplays, what do you think the balance should be between trying to please the boss/gatekeeper folks vs working to what appeals to audiences? Personally, I’ve picked a niche and a business model that I feel passionately about, but when I pitch to people, I don’t have proof that audiences will necessarily respond to what I’m putting out there. I’m just guessing.

Do you have any suggestions for how artists can dial in their sales pitches? It still feels murky to me. Thanks!