Training wheels are on – I haven’t buffered for 2 days. Quite chuffed. Not as hard as I thought. Feel like ass some of the time, no problem.

However now I’ve cut out coffee, snacks, chocolate, procrastination, too much TV/FB and some things I won’t mention here, I’m wondering…

..does that mean I cant watch TV at all?
..how about my weekly newspaper?
..should I restrict email times?
..should I ignore Facebook completely (apart from my coaching group)?

I got a sneaky feeling that in my downtime, much of what I do could easily be classed as buffering? D’oh.

If I use concentration on work to avoid urges is that buffering? Is my whole life just one giant buffer? Aargh!

Also do I need to model on each urge presenting or can I just jot it on my 100 urges and keep going?