Such a small thing….

I got corrected after posting to the wrong Slack channel this morning for a community I belong to. I’m new to Slack — no clue what things are, but I wanted to participate so I did it in the way I thought we were supposed to. The Administrator very kindly and sweetly let me know I broadcast my message to everyone, which is not the norm for this group. She wasn’t upset and was only letting me know. I thanked her and immediately the SHAME rolled in.

I’m trying to understand the feeling your feelings thing so here’s what I can say. My face felt hot, tightness in my chest, my body contracted and almost wanted to go into a curled position. SO FASCINATING. I kept breathing and coaching myself “it’s only a feeling, it’s OK, the feeling is separate from YOU”….then the feeling of shame lessened in intensity, a remnant was still there, but it didn’t overwhelm me.

I had moments of separation from the feeling – a watcher stance where I observed…that was helpful. And then I moved on with the day…..

Cool stuff;-)