Sudden breakup

After a few months of dating, I was broken up with out of blue with no explanation, over a text. In general, I am pretty ok and understandable with the breakup itself. My main problem are my thoughts that I’m not treated equally and with respect, and I’m angry that he couldn’t have a proper chat and end things with more decency.

Intellectually, I understand it’s not my fault, but I could not let go and have been constantly thinking what I’ve done wrong to not earn proper respect and a chat.

I’d like to feel relieved / neutral / in peace, and haven’t found thoughts that I truly believe and also grant me these feelings. Please help and let me know where I’m missing or how I can feel these feelings.
Here are some of my attempted thoughts – 1) it’s better to be now than later; 2) he’s not that great / I don’t like him that much anyways; 3) it’s his fault