Sudden end to a mastermind

In June I signed up for a 6-month mastermind. Although it was just for 6 months, there was an understanding that me and the other members would be able to renew for as long as we wanted and also advance to the next level mastermind when our businesses reached a certain level.

Today it was announced that the mastermind is ending. No renewals, and in fact, it would be ending 1 month earlier than the 6 months I had signed up for,

I feel shocked and sad. I really hadn’t anticipated this. Had I known I would have prepared myself and possibly looked around for new options come January.

Also, the coach hadn’t been good at replying to messages and seemed disorganized the whole time I was there. So maybe they weren’t that into it for a while. I am better with someone who is organized and does do what they said they would do. So perhaps long-term it’s for the best, but it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

C: It was announced today that mastermind I am a member of is ending after 5 months.

F: Rejected

T: What am I going to do now

A: I am withdrawing already,

R: I am not getting the most out of the time I have left.