Suffering v ambition

As I’m learning about Brooke’s work, it seems that suffering is caused by wishing the circumstance were different. I believe her. It seems that sometimes my ambition for big results is at odds with what is currently happening. How do you reconcile them? My goal is to double my income. I have several UM, the most powerful is probably this one:

C – I had 57 clients last week, I need 140 to make my goal
T – I’m going backward instead of forward
F – defeat
A – complain about the market, show up for work out of obligation, half heartedly do marketing
R – I go backward instead of forward

C – I had 57 clients last week, I need 140 per week to hit my goal
T – I’m all in – I can hustle with the best of them
F – committed/badass
A – spend time every day asking/answering what value I can provide, begin new campaigns, offer webinars and classes, call past clients, brainstorm and act on ideas, measure results, up my game in sales science
R – I hustle with the best of them and become someone who gets 140+ clients per week

I’m still practicing the above. What’s driving it is changing the results, which I think is stressing me out. My ambition seems to be creating suffering.

C – I set a goal to double my income
T – I really want to hit it (I think the thought relates to I’ll believe in myself if I hit it)
F – stressed out
A – reconsider the goal over and over, doubt myself, spend time hand-wringing, wish i never had goals, don’t make progress in getting there, beat myself up for not having it all figured out, daydream about a new career and jumping ship where it’s not so hard
R – I don’t want me

I probably don’t have trust I have my back, would you suggest practicing more thoughts related to that? Or am I just experiencing doubt and stress, which are part of the journey to a hard goal.