Sugar and dairy

I’m struggling with my sugar and dairy addiction. I did 2 weeks of the no sugar and no flour protocol. I also did no dairy because I have an intolerance. I did not complete 30 days. My impossible goal is a revenue goal for my business so I think I talked myself out of doing the entire 30 days because I’m not trying to lose weight and I read on here somewhere we should only focus on one goal.
But now here’s the dilemma: I actually want to curb this sugar and dairy addiction. I don’t want to wait any longer. I feel like this pandemic is the perfect time to get rid of it because I can’t eat out like I used to. Sugar and dairy are both acne triggers for me and my skin goes crazy with painful cystic acne whenever I eat it in the way that I’m currently eating it. I thought using that would be more motivation to eat better but it’s just making me more sad because I realize I did this to my face.
Brooke talks about how urges and cravings only last a few minutes. Mine can last for so much longer. It’s like an alarm going off in my head that won’t stop looping until I give in.
I’m trying so hard but I just can’t imagine being able to overcome this. I want my energy back. I want clear skin. I want my self control back. I know that I can do it. I’ve completed whole 30 before which was way stricter than this but I think that was easier because I knew it was only for 30 days. When I think about getting rid of this for LIFE, I struggle.