sugar and flour

Hello! I have a history of disordered eating since I have been 12 years old. As long as I can remember I was not able to eat like a “normal” person. Most of the time I was overeating and binge eating or restricting. But although I restricted, my weight often went up and it was always very hard for me to lose the excess weight again.

I am thinking about giving up sugar and flour because I hope my cravings and urges would get better then. But the problem is that I really like those foods with sugar and flour. Besides I am not sure if my cravings would really diminish by eliminating sugar and flour? I think that they might get worse in the beginning? Does everybody with an “overeating problem” benefit from not eating sugar and flour?

I would also like to know your opinion about artificial sweeteners: When I give up sugar and flour is it necessary to eliminate them as well? I really like foods and drinks with sweeteners (I find water without any flavour so boring).  If I was not able to give up drinks with artificial sweeteners would I still benefit from just eliminating sugar and flour?

Thanks in advance!