Sugar & Flour Are Addictive As Drugs = Circumstance

I have been overeating flour and sugar for the last decade.
I go in and out of diets where I create myself protocols without flour and sugar and whenever I remove them completely from my diet I thrive, I slim down, I think better, I have a better mood, and most importantly, my days are not run by trying to get the next fix, crashing and worrying about it.

I have used the stop overeating program here successfully in the past and once again, each time I allow myself to have an exception (planned), my brain immediately offers me tons of new urges to deal with.

Recently I read that while it is not recognized yet as a disease, food addiction is real because studies found again and again that flour and sugar hijack the dopamine in our brain and are more addictive than cocaine.
With that information as a Circumstance along with my history of overeating and how I taught my brain to over-desire these foods I want to start living in a new Model as follows:

C: Sugar & Flour Are Addictive As Drugs
T: Knowing that, removing them from my diet for good seems like the best self-care thing to do.
F: Determined
A: Going to any length to never eat these addictive foods.
R: Taking the best way of myself, living free from compulsion and at my ideal weight.

So while I want to believe this Thought, my brain resists embracing it and keeps offering me: “But you love these foods so much” or “You tried before to never eat them but they are everywhere” or “This is too radical, we live in a modern world”.

At which point do I stop trying to convince my brain and go for the approach of ‘Not feeling like giving it up but doing it anyway’?