Sugar Question

I am already thin and I like my protocol. It’s 2 meals a day (protein, veggies, little fat) during an IF window. I don’t eat flour at all or sugar most of the time. However, about 1x a week – I’m in a situation where I’m with a friend who wants to get frozen yogurt – and my thoughts go to “I want it. Today was difficult, I deserve it. I’m already thin and this won’t affect me other than MAYBE making me a little tired tomorrow. It would be so nice now and I’m so on point with the rest of my diet, I’m sure this won’t be an issue”. So I eat the frozen yogurt. The next morning, it’s a tad bit difficult to get up, I may (or may not) have a little twinge of a headache that goes away quickly – and I’ve learned to not beat myself up over it – just see the truth that my pro-frozen yogurt thoughts caused me to eat frozen yogurt.

However – I believe… overall… eating this processed sugar is unhealthy, regardless of my weight. Even if I can’t see the results on my body – I believe internally it’s probably going to cause issues over the long haul. However, in the moment, this “longer view” of the results of eating processed sugar 1x a week is not a compelling enough reason to override the “pleasure in the moment” thinking. Even when I think the thought “This could cause me cancer in 5 to 10 years”, even that doesn’t seem real or compelling enough to cut out the frozen yogurt. I think since I don’t really feel any consequences in the “now” – (i.e. no weight gain, very little side effects, etc.) – it’s hard to get mental leverage in the moment to commit to 100% no sugar. But that’s the result I’d like. Just no processed sugar.

Any ideas or insights on how to delete this 1x a week habit – when I’m not feeling compelled or have a compelling thought that this is a “must”? I simply want to eat healthy food all of the time (seems to make logical sense) – but 1x a week, I’m choosing to think and follow pro-sugar thoughts right into the frozen yogurt shop. Any insights for me? Thanks!