Sugar and reasons to give it up

I feel much better without sugar, but I have a hard time going without sugar. My blood sugar is up and down all day. It interferes with my workouts and my running. It makes me very tired and I overconsume it. Def white knuckling here. I think I feel about it the way some people feel about alcohol (which I could give up and went many years without). I listened to several of the overdrinking videos and liked the one where you listed all your reasons to not drink. I want to get to the place where I do not desire sugar. Is there a list for sugar? Should I just make a list?

PS – about 4 years ago I found out I am allergic to milk and that it had been causing my daily asthma struggles for 30 years. Ever since then, I have gone without dairy in any form and it hasn’t been difficult at all since my breathing is so fabulous now and I don’t have to take daily preventative meds. I sometimes get grumpy that I am not going to eat what everyone else can but I have never been tempted to consume dairy because it is such a big deal to me. I’d love to think that way about sugar.

Thanks! You’re awesome!