I have had a hard time with the idea of giving up sugar and have done lots of writing and models about it. I really want to stop eating it because I do not feel good when I eat it. Today I came up with a different C. Instead of putting “sugar” or “sugar is all around” I changed it to “sugar doesn’t work with my body”. This feels much better as a C to help with the model

C Sugar doesn’t work with my body
T Sugary things are treats
F Confused
A Eat sugary things
R Feel dehydrated and strung out

Intentional Thought Pattern
C Sugar doesn’t work with my body
T I feel way better physically without sugar
F Strong
A Eat protein, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits
R I feel good! I am strong!

The difference to me is that by choosing the C as “sugar doesn’t work with my body”, I am acknowledging that regardless of what I want to think about it being a treat, it really messes me up!

What do you think about that change?